Guaranteed quality: oil that has what it takes

The superior quality of our extra virgin olive oils is further demonstrated by the European certifications, which were obtained by following strict production guidelines for guaranteeing the product’s origin, authenticity and uniqueness.
Classico 100% Siciliano: the writing “Italian product” on each label certifies that the olives used to make this oil are Italian. In our case, the olives are Sicilian and all come from the hills that surround the oil mill, where we press, cure and bottle our Classico, named accordingly for the consistent and long lasting tradition it comes from.
D.O.P (P.D.O. Protected Designation Origin) Val di Mazara: certified by Agroqualità, certifying body of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies.
This quality title certifies and guarantees, according to the established production guidelines (Reg. Cee 2081/92) and given by an authorized body, that each phase of the production cycle (harvest, pressing, bottling) has taken place in the indicated geographic region. Also, each batch of oil has undergone chemical and organoleptic examinations. “Val di Mazara” because all of the oil is produced from olives harvested from cultivars of this region of Sicily, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice.
Bio from organic agriculture: certified by Q certification, certifying body of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies.
This title identifies all products produced without the use of chemical products (pesticides and fertilizers), and by implementing environmentally friendly techniques during all phases of the productive cycle (from blossom to harvest).
Being the proud owner of the title “Product obtained from organic agriculture” also means that all of the operators (olive farmers, mill operators, bottlers and salesmen) must comply with inspection guidelines recognized by the State.
Our extra virgin olive oil “from organic agriculture” complies with the production regulations (Reg. Cee 2092/91), and is subjected to inspections by the authorized Institute IQ&I.100% Italian olives.